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Program Peningkatan Mutu Pendidikan

Ross W

This unit covers the skills and knowledge required to prepare, deliver and review a presentation to a target audience.

This unit applies to individuals who may be expected to make presentations for a range of purposes, such as marketing, training and promotions. They contribute well developed communication skills in presenting a range of concepts and ideas.

This course provides an introduction to the process of investigating the meaning and significance of biblical texts. The general, historical, literary, and contextual principles of interpreting texts will be investigated through readings, online lectures, online discussions, assignments, and a research project. A variety of special issues in hermeneutics will be considered.

II. Student Learning Outcomes

Upon the completion of this course each student should be able to:

  • exegete portions of the Bible, utilizing a variety of available tools, in order to explain the

    meaning and significance of these texts in today’s context.

  • recognize different hermeneutical approaches and one’s personal presuppositions brought

    to the interpretive task.

  • describe the process of the formation of the Bible and canonization and identify major

    phases in the history of biblical interpretation.

  • demonstrate an awareness of the importance of historical-cultural backgrounds, literary

    issues, and a sensitivity to genre for the task of biblical interpretation.

  • appreciate the broader context of interpretation and application within a global setting.

Introduction to Pastoral Ministry

This unit describes the knowledge and skills required to provide pastoral care. 

This unit may be applied in a range of pastoral care work contexts. 

This module consists of 45 nominal hours. 

Module Delivery Mode: Lectures, tutorials and discussion groups.